Payment Solutions

Innovative solutions to add value to your company's business

Credit Cards

Credit Cards with all the convenience of the digital services of Caruana that offer up to 40 days to pay the invoice. With it, you pay your water and sewer services, electricity, telephone and other bank bills, recharge your prepaid mobile phone, make withdrawals throughout the Banco24Horas network, buy in the Visa network through commerce or the internet, consult bank statements and more. And you can still join the “Vai de Visa” program to gain benefits. Caruana Credit Cards still offer all the convenience of Internet Banking, Mobile Application and Self-Service Totem.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards for wage payments or hybrids cards with bus tickets. They offer all the convenience to customers, such as water and sewer services, electricity, telephone and other bank bills payment, prepaid mobile phone recharge, withdrawals throughout Banco24Horas network, shopping in the regular stores or through the Internet, bank statements check and algo offers the exclusive Quick TED system, a wire transfer which can be done from any bank to charge in the desired card. They also have Internet Banking, Mobile App and Self-Service Totem.

Caruana’s Cash In Services

The Caruana Recharge Network is the ideal tool for transport operators, as it offers low cost transport card recharge services for commercial establishments. In addition, any commercial point can become a card issuer, reducing operational costs with capillarity and recharge points.

Mobile Apps

The Caruana App is one of the best mobile banking tools on the market. Fast, stable and secure, it offers all financial services to its customers, such as payment of water an sewer services, electricity, telephone, and other bank charges, prepaid mobile phone recharge, check balances and bank statements, SMS notifications, all the banking operations in the palm of the hand, without agencies or queues. It is available for free on the Google Play and App Store platforms, and can even be customized to any hybrid transport card, also adding ticketing functions to transport users.

Self-service Terminals

Caruana offers various types of self-service terminals, from simple systems dedicated only to electronic operations such as payment of water and sewer services, electricity, telephone and other bank bills, prepaid mobile phone recharge, check balances and bank statements or money transfers, as well as more robust products for cash handling, ideal for recharging prepaid cards. They can be installed in shops, bus terminals, roadways and any other operations center of companies and transport users.